Our dedication means you'll always be completely satisfied. Whether it's foundation work, masonry restoration, structural work or building envelope restoration, we take care of it all.

One of our experts will closely follow up with you throughout the work and conduct a final inspection, in your presence, when the work is delivered. We only consider projects as complete when our client is entirely satisfied. Our services are competitive, if not the least expensive. By offering top-of-the-line service and superior quality, our clients benefit from the peace of mind throughout the entire project.


We are a 69-unit condominium syndicate and since April 2018, we've been working with Breault & Gosselin for engineering consulting services and construction work. Breault & Gosselin completed a number of projects for us, including waterproofing the building envelope and a complete restoration of
our roof.

These professionals have been always responsive to our needs and displayed the same values of integrity and respect for their clients.

They were always available whenever we needed them, for emergencies or for work needed during the warranty period. As an administrator, it was reassuring to know we could rely on these talented and versatile experts.

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this company and their services.

France Boie, President of SCJV-2

I would like to take this opportunity to mention the excellent work done by your company. I truly appreciated my experience with your team, especially with Mr. Papineau. You were professional from start to finish, Mr. Papineau was extremely helpful and I immediately felt reassured. Many thanks for your excellent work. I am very satisfied and would be happy to use your services in the future.

Eric Boyer

Many thanks for the high quality of your work!

Benoit Roy
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